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TADG has been established as a leading automotive dealer group in the US to become the benchmark for financial performance, customer satisfaction and innovative mobility solutions… more >

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Trophy Central - Glendale, CA – August 21, 2018

Trophy Automotive Dealer Group LLC (TADG) affiliate, Trophy of Carson LLC, has acquired CarPros KIA of Carson, the no.1 KIA dealership in the Nation, by new cars volume sold.  This will be the second KIA dealership, alongside Kia Downtown Los Angeles, which has been also the no.2 KIA dealership, with respect to the number of new cars sold in the nation. The Trophy group of dealerships now own six rooftops in the greater Los Angeles area.  Trophy’s other brands include Mercedes-Benz and Nissan.

Trophy Automotive Dealer Group LLC was established in 2013 and acquired Mercedes-Benz of Encino in 2014. In 2017, the Trophy group acquired 4 more dealerships, namely, Mercedes-Benz of Valencia, KIA Downtown Los Angeles, West Covina Nissan, Universal City Nissan and now CARPROS KIA of Carson. Once the top-selling Nissan dealership in the nation by volume, Universal City Nissan has seen a significant rebound under TADG ownership. Trophy’s midterm plan is to have 30 in 30 (30 rooftops in 30 months) and is actively looking to blend the group with other brands.
Trophy plans to differentiate themselves from their competitors by being employee-focused, innovative, creative and forward thinking. Each client will experience a one-of-a-kind, and uniquely individualized experience once they enter into any of the dealership showrooms.

Nasser Watar, Chairman & CEO of TADG and its Trophy group affiliates stated, “We are proud of this new acquisition which is a testament to our consistent approach of growing our footprint in the automotive space.  Furthermore, I would like to thank all of those that assisted us during the process of this acquisition, especially the KIA Motors of America, our acquisition staff and employees of the dealerships that are part of the acquisition.”

Nasser Watar continued, “I’m confident that Kia of Carson will focus on growing the business to keep the number one spot in the Nation for KIA and provide unparalleled customer satisfaction and total customer experience through innovative solutions. Our key priority and a pillar of our business is to ensure that we deliver a class-leading Customer Ownership Experience, from the first time a customer interacts with our dealerships, whether online or in person, and throughout each customer’s journey with their vehicle. Training & Development of our staff is a key area, as it ensures that every Trophy employee is equipped with all the tools to provide customers with the care and experience they deserve when going through the important decision of purchasing a new vehicle. We are excited about the new opportunities to come.”

In addition to new vehicle sales, Trophy is also focusing on used cars and fixed operations that will ensure a best after-sales service experience level of customer satisfaction.