TADG has been established as a leading automotive dealer group in the US. We aim to provide our customers with innovative mobility solutions to ensure consistent customer satisfaction, while creating value.

First Motor Group

First Motor Group is TADG‘s new car division. TADG has dealerships in strategic locations with brands that support TADG‘s vision for growth and innovation, while providing customer-centric sales support.

Trophy Cars

Trophy Cars is a subsidiary of TADG’s used car division. Trophy Cars carries a range of cars to meet customer needs and desires.

Our aim is to support the customer throughout the car buying process from start to finish. We provide detailed information in a transparent manner to assist our customers in making an informed decision.

Talent management
operating strategy

Strategic Alignment

Full alignment from a strategic and an operational perspective provide the foundation for TADG’s success.

TADG operates under a regional strategy that streamlines processes to ensure operational efficiencies. Furthermore, efficient and aligned information systems and processes ensure true organizational alignment.

Operating Strategy

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